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Vaginal Tightening – FemiLift

FemiLift – The latest breakthrough in non-invasive tightening of the Vagina has finally come to the Philippines, specifically Manila.

The FemiLift is a CO2 laser that is able to tighten the vagina by emitting a laser that is able to induce the rejuvenation and renewal of the tissue in the vaginal canal without surgery. The procedure is entirely painless and there is no need for any anesthesia.

Dr Jennifer Jose specializes in the use of the FemiLift and is often cited as a Key Opinion Leader in the field of non-surgical vaginal tightening. She typically recommends 3 sessions to achieve optimal results. Each session is conducted every 3-5 weeks. The FemiLift can also be used as a preventive measure for women who want to ensure that not just them, but their partner as well, constantly enjoy that peak of sexual pleasure.



Suzanne Philips, Oregon US

I am a 76-year old female from Oregon in the United States. I chose to do the FAMI Facial Rejuvenation via Fat Graft after reading about its numerous benefits on the Internet. What attracted me to the procedure was the fact that it was non-surgical

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Dr John Ocampo, Plastic Surgeon

I noticed that the skin on my face was beginning to sag. There were depressions on my temples that gave me a bony, aged look. There are fillers that we surgeons use to add volume to the face and lift it up – but when I heard that Dr. Callanta

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G. Seelan, CEO, Singapore

As a CEO of a firm in the Oil & Gas industry, my job requires me to constantly travel and meet with dignitaries and other prominent people from various countries. Looking youthful empowers me with the confidence and energy to interact and deal

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