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BRAVA Breast Reconstruction via Fat Graft after Mastectomy or Prophylactic Mastectomy

For Breast Cancer Survivors, the road to recovery begins with the reconstruction of the Breast/s. The TRAM Flap or DIEP Flap procedures are major surgical procedures that have significant downtime. Ask any Breast Cancer Survivor; the last thing they want to undergo is another invasive surgery. It is for this reason the BRAVA Breast Reconstruction via Fat Graft is fast becoming the procedure of choice, not only in the Philippines but around the world, for many patients looking to get back what they have lost to cancer.

For Breast Reconstruction Patients, the first step would be wearing the BRAVA device. The BRAVA is a soft gel-like bra device, which expands the breast tissue matrix allowing for more fat to be injected into treatment area. In preparation for the procedure, the patient wears the BRAVA device to sleep for a few weeks. The BRAVA device works by placing a gentle amount of tension, a three-dimensional pull, on the breasts. This results in an expansion of the tissues to create a larger fertile matrix for the injected fat to survive. The fat is harvested from stubborn pockets of fat usually found around the abdomen or thigh areas thereby giving you the added benefit and opportunity to reshape these ‘problem’ areas of your body that have been highly resistant to diet and exercise. It is then injected into the breast site in which the tissue has been enlarged by the BRAVA expansion.

The benefits of the BRAVA Breast Reconstruction via Fat Graft procedure are numerous. Apart from presenting the patient a non-surgical option with minimal downtime, the use of Fat is revolutionary. Adipose tissue (Fat) has the highest concentration of mesenchymal stem cells. These cells are responsible for regeneration in the body. As a result of injecting the Fat, the scar tissue tends to soften giving the area an improved aesthetic look.

The reconstructed breast looks and feels identical to a normal breast. Unlike implants, Fat also enables the breast to regain a natural shape and ‘bounce’.

It is for the multitude of benefits that patients opt for the BRAVA Breast Reconstruction via Fat Graft procedure versus the traditional ‘flap’ surgery.

EMPIRE is considered one of the pioneers for introducing this procedure in Asia. Our surgeon has treated many patients from Manila and the rest of the Philippines. To him this procedure is more than just the restoration of the breast. It is about the restoration of hope and zeal for life. Many of the patients who come in suffer from a lack of confidence or even depression. After the procedure, they leave with a renewed vigor and outlook on life. In our eyes, that is the greatest satisfaction.


The procedure is minimally invasive and is conducted under monitored anesthesia with intravenous sedation, administered by the anesthesiologist.


Downtime is minimal, however as there might be some swelling, the patient should wait for between 7-10 days before resuming any physical activity.


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