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Non-Surgical Body Rejuvenation
Brazilian Butt Lift via – Fat Graft Butt Augmentation / Reshaping

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a Butt Augmentation/Reshaping technique, using fat, perfected by Dr Constantino Mendieta, a prominent Miami-based plastic surgeon. EMPIRE’s resident expert himself furthered his understanding of this technique during his stint in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he was mentored by the Brazilian plastic surgeons that created the procedure. Merging this technique with his own unique approach to fat grafting, our surgeon is able to create amazing results that are natural looking and permanent.

A pioneer in the use of fat, EMPIRE is the leading centre in the Philippines and Asia when it comes to augmenting or reshaping the butt using fat.

The procedure does not merely seek to create “bigger butts”. The success of the Brazilian Butt Lift lies in the surgeon’s ability to understand the female perspective of beauty and enhance their derriere into one that is natural looking, voluptuous and proportionate.

All this is achieved using the patient’s own fat which is taken, via liposuction, from areas in either the hips or thighs, thereby allowing the surgeon to shape these areas in a manner that accentuates the curves that they already have or would like to gain. This is something that a butt implant procedure is unable to achieve.

The Butt Augmentation and Reshaping via Fat Graft procedure has also come to be embraced by men seeking to improve their bodily proportion. Some males have a genetic inability to build muscle in their derrière and legs as rapidly as they do in their upper body. This might leave them with an ‘aesthetically unappealing’ lower body. Some even complain that it makes them ‘look clumsy’. The procedure presents them with the option to address this concern. In Manila, there has been a marked increase in the number of men opting to do butt augmentation or reshaping procedures. It will not be surprising to see this trend continue in the coming future.

The harvested fat is extracted via liposuction and then purified before being used to augment and re-shape the butt. It is by far much safer and effective than butt implants.

The benefits are numerous and apparent:

  • Improved curve of the hips and the rear end
  • More shape in each buttock
  • Natural-looking and permanent results
  • No cuts or incisions
  • Two procedures in one, problem areas of the body are slimmed and the buttocks are enhanced in just one session

The results are apparent straight away, but will continue to improve, as the implanted fat becomes a part of your buttocks over the months following the procedure. The Brazilian Butt Lift/Butt Augmentation and Reshaping procedure via Fat Graft is a very popular treatment in the United States and is available in Manila and the Philippines only here at EMPIRE.

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The procedure is minimally invasive and is conducted under monitored anesthesia with intravenous sedation, administered by the anesthesiologist.


Downtime is minimal, however as there might be some bruising and swelling, the patient should wait for between 7-10 days before resuming any physical activity.


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