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Non-Surgical Body Rejuvenation
Hand Rejuvenation via Fat Graft

Apart from the face and neck, the hands are the most visible unclothe area of the body. Although we have made significant progress and have sophisticated technologies for removing the signs of ageing on the face, physicians have been largely unsuccessful at rejuvenation of the hands.

The same lasers and chemical peels used for the face have been unable to consistently yield the same results when applied to the skin of the hands. This has been attributed to the paucity of appendages and the highly mobile and thin skin of the dorsal hand.

 Autologous Fat Graft is able to restore volume to the hands thereby smoothing away wrinkles, minimizing the appearance of hand veins and improving the tone of texture of the skin. While the results are dramatic and extremely natural looking, it is important to note that the fat graft does not seek to ‘fatten the hands’ but rather restore a youthful fullness to the back of the hand.

The Hand Rejuvenation via Fat Graft is often done in conjunction with other procedures such as the FAMI™ Facial Fat Graft Volume Enhancement, Breast Rejuvenation & Lifting via Fat Graft or the Brazilian Butt Lift via Fat Graft as when treating the hands only a minimal amount of fat is required, so it is typically cost effective and more efficient to combine such procedures.

The EMPIRE Centre for Regenerative Medicine is the first and only establishment in Manila and the Philippines that offers Hand Rejuvenation using your own fat. The results the procedure yields are far more impressive and visible than any laser or medical device in the market can produce.


If done by itself, the procedure is done under local anesthesia.


Downtime is minimal; there might be slight swelling that will subside within two days. It is important to note that the hands cannot be fully submerged in any liquid for the first 48 hours.


Suzanne Philips, Oregon US

I am a 76-year old female from Oregon in the United States. I chose to do the FAMI Facial Rejuvenation via Fat Graft after reading about its numerous benefits on the Internet. What attracted me to the procedure was the fact that it was non-surgical

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Dr John Ocampo, Plastic Surgeon

I noticed that the skin on my face was beginning to sag. There were depressions on my temples that gave me a bony, aged look. There are fillers that we surgeons use to add volume to the face and lift it up – but when I heard that Dr. Callanta

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G. Seelan, CEO, Singapore

As a CEO of a firm in the Oil & Gas industry, my job requires me to constantly travel and meet with dignitaries and other prominent people from various countries. Looking youthful empowers me with the confidence and energy to interact and deal

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