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Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation
MACS Facelift (Rytidectomy) with FAMI™ Fat Graft

Most patients instantly look 10-15 years younger.

The MACS Facelift, better known as the MACS-Lift (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) is an advanced procedure of choice when it comes to addressing the visible signs of aging and restoring a youthful, more natural appearance. In order to achieve optimum results, our plastic surgeon combines each facelift with the cutting edge FAMI™ fat grafting technique. He uses the patient’s own fat to create permanent volume enhancement, boosting the results of the underlying facelift procedure and giving the face a fuller and more youthful appearance.

The first and only of its kind in the Philippines and Asia, EMPIRE’s MACS Facelift – FAMI™ combination achieves the most natural-looking results without any risk of the dreaded ‘windswept’ or ‘pulled’ appearance.

Most patients instantly look 10-15 years younger. This modality of treatment has been creating a lot of buzz in Metro Manila. Many seeking a plastic surgery consult for a surgical solution, have opted for the MACS lift due to it being a non-surgical remedy and yielding superior results with minimal downtime. It has also been touted as the ‘miracle cure’ for individuals who have an aversion to surgery or any form of ‘nip & tuck’ in general.

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The procedure is minimally invasive and is conducted under monitored anesthesia with intravenous sedation, administered by the anesthesiologist.


Patients typically spend 1-2 hours after the procedure in the recovery room under the watchful eye of our trained patient care specialists. There is little to no bruising and the swelling subsides within a week.

The patient is able to wear make-up 5-7 days after the procedure and can resume almost all prior activities 2 weeks post-op.



Suzanne Philips, Oregon US

I am a 76-year old female from Oregon in the United States. I chose to do the FAMI Facial Rejuvenation via Fat Graft after reading about its numerous benefits on the Internet. What attracted me to the procedure was the fact that it was non-surgical

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Dr John Ocampo, Plastic Surgeon

I noticed that the skin on my face was beginning to sag. There were depressions on my temples that gave me a bony, aged look. There are fillers that we surgeons use to add volume to the face and lift it up – but when I heard that Dr. Callanta

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G. Seelan, CEO, Singapore

As a CEO of a firm in the Oil & Gas industry, my job requires me to constantly travel and meet with dignitaries and other prominent people from various countries. Looking youthful empowers me with the confidence and energy to interact and deal

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FAMI™ – Facial rejuvenation and repair technique developed by Dr. Roger E. Amar is a non-invasive anti-aging alternative to traditional facelift. FAMI consists of an auto graft of adult stem cells from fat injected under local block anesthesia in order to rebuild bones, muscles and facial fat pads. FAMI™ fat auto graft muscle injection is a genuine non-invasive procedure with a micro-anatomical grafting precision. FAMI™ is a true organic procedure, which gives harmonious rejuvenation and repair and prevent the stigmas of aging process. The benefits of fat graft are numerous and apparent, yet when it comes to facial rejuvenation, it is not as prominent as the traditional facelift. The chief critique of the fat graft is that the survivability of the harvested fat cells is impossible to determine. There have been cases where the results of the fat graft are short lived. The FAMI™ technique differentiates itself from the traditional facelift by addressing each one of these issues. The manner in which the fat is harvested and purified is pivotal in ensuring its survivability. Also, the amount of fat that is used is a key ingredient in determining how well the injected fat reacts with the facial tissues. Dr Callanta calls it ‘the sweet spot’, and based on his experience, it varies from patient to patient, depending on their facial structure and symptoms of aging. An important benefit to note with regards to the FAMI™ technique is the method and instruments used to inject the harvested fat. Not only does it ensure long-lasting results, it causes minimal discomfort and pain with zero to no bruising. The FAMI™ technique is so specialized with a notoriously steep learning curve that there are only five practicing surgeons, trained by Dr Amar himself, in the world; with Dr Alfredo V Callanta being the only authority in Asia and the Pacific, let alone in Manila and the Philippines.

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