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Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation
FAMI Facial Fat Graft (Lipografting)

Most patients instantly look 10-15 years younger.

The FAMI™ Facial Fat Graft Volume Enhancement is done utilizing the world renowned FAMI™ technique. There are only a hand full of surgeons worldwide that are trained to do this procedure due to the specialised skill and technique required.

Wrinkles and sagging skin are the most common signs of aging on the face. Contrary to popular belief, these are not the consequences of ‘gravity’ but rather are due to the loss of ‘volume’ in the face. As we age, the collagen under our skin breaks down causing the loss in ‘volume’. This causes the illusion of sagging skin, although in actuality, the surface area of the skin is essentially the same and has in no way been stretched. Traditionally, plastic surgeons would recommend the facelift, where the ‘excess skin’ is cut off and the remainder is ‘plastered’ across the face. This provides a very unnatural ‘windswept’ look and many patients do not recognize their reflection after the procedure. The resultant look is simply just not you.

Facial Fat Grafting uses the soft tissue found in fat, drawn from the patient, to restore the ‘volume’ in the face, resulting in a natural, healthier and fuller appearance.  The living harvested fat is the perfect candidate to sculpt and support the surface skin, restoring that youthful look in patients.

The benefits of using fat are multi-faceted. It is Non-Surgical. There are no incisions or stitches. Since the fat is harvested from the patient, the procedure is autologous and there is no risk of any side effects. As such, the living fat cells blend seamlessly into their new environment and are nourished by the surrounding tissue’s blood supply.

What differentiates EMPIRE’S Fat Graft from other less advanced techniques is the utilization of the FAMI™ methodology. The way in which the fragile fat cells are specially handled during the harvesting, purifying and injecting stages of the procedure ensures the highest survival rate possible. The method of injecting is so specialized that the patient suffers almost zero bruising. The FAMI™ technique has proved so successful that patients require no touch-up in the following months as the original fat has an extremely high percentage of survivability. What must not be understated is the surgeon’s highly refined artistic eye. His keen sense of aesthetic vision is apparent in all in his patients, whom are walking testaments to his ability and artistry.

The procedure can be used for a variety of conditions:

  • Rejuvenating and restoring fullness/softness to the face
  • Restoring facial volume lost through ‘over-exercising’
  • Shaping Facial elements (Cheeks, lips, eyelids, jaw lines, brows, noses & foreheads)
  • Correcting acne scars or any other facial depressions
  • Restoring tissues removed or reduced by surgeries (excessive liposuction, facelifts etc)
  • Restoring volume lost through thermal heating from incorrect application of certain lasers or radio frequency devices

This revolutionary treatment and technique was brought here to Manila and the Philippines roughly 10 years ago. Since then, many patients from the rest of Asia have been coming to the Philippines just to avail of this procedure. Many seeking a plastic surgery consult for a surgical solution, have opted for the FAMI Facial Fat Graft due to it being a non-surgical remedy and yielding superior results with minimal downtime. It has also been touted as the ‘miracle cure’ for individuals who have an aversion to surgery or any form of ‘nip & tuck’ in general.

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Only the areas where the fat is taken and administered back into are anesthetized with local anesthesia.


Immediately after the procedure, the patient will be able to view their ‘new face’. Swelling will occur around the areas of the injection a few hours later and tend to subside within 7 to 10 days. Patients will be instructed to avoid several medications prior to the procedure in order to prevent any risk of bruising.


Suzanne Philips, Oregon US

I am a 76-year old female from Oregon in the United States. I chose to do the FAMI Facial Rejuvenation via Fat Graft after reading about its numerous benefits on the Internet. What attracted me to the procedure was the fact that it was non-surgical

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Dr John Ocampo, Plastic Surgeon

I noticed that the skin on my face was beginning to sag. There were depressions on my temples that gave me a bony, aged look. There are fillers that we surgeons use to add volume to the face and lift it up – but when I heard that Dr. Callanta

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G. Seelan, CEO, Singapore

As a CEO of a firm in the Oil & Gas industry, my job requires me to constantly travel and meet with dignitaries and other prominent people from various countries. Looking youthful empowers me with the confidence and energy to interact and deal

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