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5 Facts About Fat Grafting
Posted by admin on October 9, 2014, 4:34 am
prp is finnaly gaining recognition as a revolutionary method to make hair transplants mote effecttive

This is a process that involves harvesting the fat from a section of the body that is in excess or unwanted and then grafted into a different place that it is used in adding volume, filling a groove or correct a certain deformity. The advantage of this method is that you are making use ofyour fat. Also you remove the unwanted fat from a section of the body. The fat graft technique needs specialty so that the process can be successful. Below are some of the fats grafting done. Hand rejuvenation is possible with fat grafting. Those places that are wrinkled can be reformed and look appealing in terms of aesthetic. This general will help your hand to regain the quality it had together with adding volume.

Breast can be reconstructed with the fat grafting. Those individuals with some defects especially due to cancer can be reconstructed using this method. However, this may take a few sequential procedures to arrive at. Buttock augmentation has become a common practice nowadays and this is a product of fat grafting. It gives that perfect size giving you the right contours. When age catches up with you, the skin starts to become loose and the pores are large. The sagging may not be aesthetic and hence one is advised to seek fat graft technique. Most of the fat is gotten from the abdominal part or the hips as it is found in excess. The method creates total satisfaction among the users.

Research is recommended for surety since this is a very delicate operation which could have adverse effect if done by non professionals. There have been several cases of failure reported in those centers but this does not mean that the procedure was conducted by quacks. This shows that there could be difficulties encountered or the individual was not compatible with the fat injected into the body. The successful process will depend on certain things including the manner in which the cells are stored before grafting. The cells need to be alive hence need to be collected with much attention and skillfully. Suction should be applied so that the cells are sucked in without putting much pressure on them. It should be processed in a system that will ensure the dead cells are completely removed hence increasing the chances of a successful procedure. Mode of injection should also determine the survival of those cells. It should be done under very low pressure to avoid injury. The amount should be in droplets to supply blood in the fats. The cells also require to be protected even after the grafting. This prevents swelling to the area. If the cells die, they release some substances that may cause inflammation. Pressure is not supposed to be exerted on the area and patients are advised not to lie on that surface that got grafted.

Grafting has been considered to last long unlike many who say that it is just a temporary process. Statistics have shown that a high percentage of the operations have become successful and this is enough proof to show its efficiency. An experienced and skillful professional can lead to face rejuvenation, breast to become firm and even the hands to be restructured hence regaining the youthful look. Surgeons have embraced filler for reconstructive processes as well as cosmetic purposes. The idea of having your personal fat being used eliminates the opportunities of having foreign objects injected into your system. Generally, the method promotes the aesthetic of your body and makes it very attractive which is the desire of many.

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