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Nutritional Supplements


Caviarlieri is a Swiss nutritional supplement that encapsulates the power and potency of Cell Therapy. It is manufactured using the exclusively patented Swiss Proprietary Cold "Cellularix" DNA extraction technology which keeps all of Caviarlieri's active ingredients biologically alive during the entire manufacturing process.

As each capsule is enteric coated, they are able to bypass the stomach and dissolve in the small intestines where the active ingredients are fully absorbed by the body. This prevents the destruction of active peptides, thereby enabling maximum absorption of the cell therapeutic elements into the body.

The high degree of polymerization of the Caviar Cellular DNA Complex enables it to penetrate into the cells, rejuvenating and reinvigorating them, thereby offering the consumer a whole host of benefits.

Caviarlieri also contains HP Collagen Elastin Plus, the highest grade of marine collagen and elastin peptides. HP Collagen Elastin Plus has been proven to enhance the moisture and resilience of skin.

Independent Studies carried out on Caviarlieri
have shown the following results:

  •   Reversing the degeneration of aging and age-related condition like arthritis, chronic fatigue, asthma, degenerative brain disease and osteoporosis

  •   Strengthening of the body's immune system

  •   Substantial increase in energy and stamina

  •   Increased sexual desire and performance

  •   Increased sexual satisfaction and elevated mood

  •   Delay in pre-menopausal syndrome

  •   Sharp improvements in mental concentration and alertness

  •   Substantial reduction in joint pains

  •   Substantial increase in energy and stamina

  •   Lower glycemic index levels, resulting in weight loss

  •   Visible increase in radiance and glow to the skin

  •   Reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles

  •   Effective in preventing macular degeneration

  • It is for this variety of benefits that Caviarlieri is the supplement of choice for Empire. For more information on Caviarlieri please visit,

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