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Many Benefits from Platelet-Rich Plasma
Posted by admin on October 9, 2014, 4:37 am
prp is finnaly gaining recognition as a revolutionary method to make hair transplants mote effecttive

Platelet rich plasma is successfully treating soft tissue injuries, back pain and all joint discomfort. Many patients are being treated for their acute and chronic injuries using this method. An example of how platelet-rich plasma works to accelerate healing and alleviate pain is, when an injury occurs plateletto the soft tissue, the body sends plateletsto the damaged site. At the site of the injury there are microscopic tears and scar tissue is forming. An injection of highly concentrated platelet rich plasma is nutrient rich containing growth factors that also attract necessary stems cells which start the quick healing response. The average life of a platelet is five to seven days, but platelet production can be greatly decreased by, disease, viruses and drugs. Platelet-rich plasma treatment starts with a blood draw of eight ml. of the patient’s blood, which is spun-down in a centrifuge to separate the platelets. This concentrated platelet rich plasma is then injected into the area of the injury. Growth factors in the platelets bind to the cell to initiate the healing process and to lessen pain. When MRI scans were done before initiating the platelet rich plasma treatment and then again after, the results showed that there was tissue healing. This is consistent with the results of documented studies. This procedure is becoming more main-stream and is not just for the elite sports figures, it is for anyone, from the weekend-warrior to the Mom with an aching back, who is seeking relief from pain and further deterioration of a damaged area. It is a cost effective procedure that most insurance companies will cover the cost of, and it is FDA approved.

Platelet rich plasma isn’t only used for injury and to alleviate pain, it is also being used in the surgical procedure of fat grafting. Fat tissue is collected at an acceptable site on the patient’s body such as the abdomen, thigh and buttock areas and transplanted to the new location within forty-eight hours. In the interim, the tissue is fed by material in plasma, but the failure rate can be high. It can range between ten and ninety percent, but with the introduction of platelet rich plasma there is an increase in the fat survival rate.

Fat grafting is considered a ideal soft tissue filler for sunken areas because of its long-lasting results and absence of an allergic response by the body. Fat tissue does not react well to too much handling and once the tissue has been removed from the body time is limited before deterioration begins. The survival rate of this tissue is increased by the addition of platelet rich plasma. Platelet rich plasma is a product of the body that stimulates a more natural healing process and accelerates wound healing. The component of growth factor in the platelet rich plasma stimulates reconstruction. There is the added benefit of less bruising and inflammation. The application of the fat graft is easier due to the liquefied viscosity caused by adding the platelet rich plasma.

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